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                                             At age 17, she was rejected from her college, at age 25 her mother died from disease, at age 26, she suffered from miscarriage, at age 27 she got married and her husband started abusing her. Despite this, she was blessed with a baby girl, at age 28 she got divorced and was diagnosed with severe depression. It didn't end over there at age 29, she was a single mother living in a welfare, at age 30 she wanted to commit suicide but she didnt, She directed all her passion into doing that one thing she could do better than anyone else, and that was writing. Where her first writing was rejected by 15 publishers.At age 31, she finally published her first book. At age 35 she had released 4 books and was named the author of the year.

                                         At age 42, she sold 11 million copies of her book, on the release of the first day. Today, harry potter is a global brand worth more than $15 billion dollars where she gave 16% of her fortuity to charity. Yes, she is J.K.Rowling.


How it all started ?

Everything started when Rowling's train from Manchester to London was delayed and the most darling characters of her creation, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermoine Granger striked her imagination. A short time later, she kept igniting her imagination of the mystical universe of wizards and witches of Hogwarts.

She was taking a shot at her novel, and she was living with her mom in Manchester at that time. Everything was running easily until something very depressing striked Rowling for the very first time. 

When she was 25, her mom passed away in the year 1991. The passing of her mom crushed her totally. 

This had occurred after half a year when she started writing 'Harry Potter'. 

What haunted her was her mom never knew that she was writing novels.

This is why Harry Potter needed to suffer the loss of his parents  because in real life,Rowling too suffered the loss of her mother.

Her married life?

After her mom's downfall, she moved to Portugal for some change and started teaching English as a foreign language. In 1992, she fell for a Portugal TV journalist named Jorge Arantes. 

Soon after, they had a girl child together. She was named Jessica. Be that as it may, Rowling's marriage didn't last long, and following 13 months, she got separated with Arantes and moved to Edinburgh, with her newborn girl child along with the initial three parts of Harry Potter. 

At the end of 1993, life ended up harder for her. She was a single parent living in a welfare, and  poverty hit  her with no long lasting work. 

She went through horrible phases of depressions that she even thought about suicide. At that time, her love and affection for her girl child helped her  to accomplish her fantasies & kept her away from taking her own life. 

The evil characters like the dementors who feed upon the bliss of others, were a portrayal of the downturn and the vacancy that rowling went through. 

Huddles in her life

She rented her apartment for some extra money and started living on state benefits 

To make a decent living, she leased her apartment  and had to live on state benefits. She utilized that cash to satisfy the needs of her girl child. Majority of the individuals would have surrendered their lives after such disappointments. In all these situations, unlike most individuals. She didn't lose trust, and invested a large portion of her energy into writing while sitting at a cafe.

Finally, after 5 long years of struggles and hardships, she finished her first edition of Harry Potter. However, her problems did not end.In the year 1995, her struggle to publish the first edition of ‘Harry Potter’ began.She edited the first chapter of her book for more than fifteen times.Though she knew that getting her book published was not going to be easy, she did not give up.

Finally, she was relieved when the publishing house in London, Bloomsbury gave her a green signal to publish her books.Rowlings struggles and patience paid off in the year 1998 when a US company bought its rights.

Anything is possible if you got enough nerve 

- J.K.Rowling

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