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success story of Jack ma

He was not born in a financially sound family but he dreamt of becoming one,He was not the chosen one but he never gave up his fight , he failed on an epic scale but proved to everyone that failures are the stepping stones for success he failed three times to apply for university ,got rejected by harvard for 10 times ,failed to get hired in 30 job interviews,when KFC went to china 24 people applied for a job where 23 people were selected and he was the only one who is rejected  there goes his luck, but he didn't give up ,he got a job in a university where his pay was 10$ a month,he stepped into the world of internet and not everyone trusted him ,but he trusted his instincts and kept following his dreams now he owns one of the world's leading ecommerce business - alibaba who is Jack ma

In the year 1999, towards the finish of the dot.com which was free for all, it was a team of 18 individuals drove by Jack Ma he began Alibaba in a little loft in Hangzhou, China. Nineteen years after its beginning, this was one of the world's leading e commerce websites keeping pace with Google, Amazon and PayPal! What makes Alibaba's voyage to progress so motivating is the manner by which the web based business stage came to the top in under two decades! 

Jack Ma learned about the internet when he went to the United States in the mid 1990s. In contrast to the United States, China still had not embraced their space on the internet. At that point when Jack Ma returned, he chose to take advantage of the unfamiliar waters of the internet with the possibility of Alibaba. With an underlying venture of $ 5 million and 17 prime supporters, Jack Ma propelled Alibaba's online retail stage! 

The launch of Alibaba's online retail store – Alibaba.com (B2B) and 1688.com (B2C) – was luckily planned;  the consumer internet boom had only just arrived in China and the local market was not as directly affected by the dot-com crash as its American counterpart. Other future web based business markets, for example, India had scarcely even started investigating the part. 

With a funding of $ 21 billion from SoftBank, the 21st century started on an exceptionally positive note for consistently rising web based business stage. Post this venture, the cash continued pouring in! A year after this convergence of money, Alibaba propelled Taobao.com, the Chinese form of eBay! Taking a gander at the positive reaction , Jack Ma wandered into different regions like a texting instrument called Aliwangwang and third party online payments platform Alipay. These three organizations would in the end develop into the 'iron triangle' of online business, logistics, and account where upon the Alibaba Group today is assembled. 

Having a secured funding of $ 25 billion, Alibaba was announced as the biggest e commerce site on the planet in the year  2016. With a market estimation of $ 231 billion, there was no halting for this organization! One of the significant explanations behind this spectacular development  has been credited to the informal employee beneficial policy at Alibaba.  The conglomerate has also been very active in shaping and bolstering China’s entrepreneur ecosystem  while launching several projects to better China’s rural areas. In 2010, Alibaba declared that it would contribute 0.3 percent of its yearly income to environmental awareness– bringing about a $ 4.71 billion turnover. The firm has likewise set up an independent funding group called the Alibaba Foundation, that handles social issues. From being a lost and broken kid in China to being an enormous achievement medium-term, Jack Ma has really made considerable progress!

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