In spite of being the richest man on the planet, Ortega drives an ordinary  day to day life. Ortega resigned as CEO in 2011, but still he visits the Inditex Headquarters in La Coruña day by day. Regardless of this he contributes thoughts, from his 60 years of retail experience, and he is regularly observed tucking into lunch in the workers canteen.

The Ortega family battled to live through neediness, driving Amancio to leave school at 14 and work for a neighborhood shirt maker. It is there where he figured out how to make garments by hand before opening his first Zara store in 1975. The Inditex Group currently has 6000 stores and more than 92,000 workers around the world. 

How precisely has he figured out how to turn into the wealthiest retailer on the planet from nothing? 

The Inditex plan of action is way different from other retailers. 

Inditex centers listen to their clients' needs instead of pushing style onto them. They don't concentrate on fashion shows for inspiration however they look for bloggers and tune into what clients need the most. His business understands how rapidly designs should go live , particularly with the expansion of the use of online networks, for example, Instagram. 

The organization prides itself on its speed of getting its most recent garments onto the shop floor. Inditex sources most of its materials/items from Spain and Portugal, shortening the production network. Clients purchase the things since it meets the reality of what they need and subsequently the thought is to have minimal undesirable stock left in their shops. 

New arrivals in the Zara stores were not constrained to the traditional design periods of fall, winter, spring, and summer; rather, they were received all year, on a week by week premise. Styles that didn't sell were immediately expelled from stores. The quick style idea was so prevalent with clients that Zara, has 1,000 outlets around the world, spent generally little on promoting.  In 2011 he stepped down as chairman of Inditex, though he remained involved with the company and retained his majority stake

In spite of the fact that Ortega delighted in huge universal accomplishment in an industry that benefited from open pictures and exposure, he himself evaded the press and carried on with a carefully private life.

In 2008 Inditex was developed as the world's biggest design retailer, controlling exactly 4,000 stores in 70 nations. Ortega, in the meantime, had turned out to be one of the world's top extremely rich people. In 2011 he ventured down as administrator of Inditex, however he stayed engaged with the organization and held his dominant part stake.

What people can learn from Amancio Ortega: 

Be client centered —

 pursue your client's needs rather than what your rivals are doing Have a short story network to stay aware of our snappy and regularly changing ways of life 

Remember where you originated from and remain humble through the progress.

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