Types of franchises along with their pros and cons


Franchising Types: Franchising preparations are extensively labeled into three types:

1. Product Franchising

2. Manufacturing Franchising

3. Business-Format Franchising

A quick description about every one of those follows:

1. Product Franchising:

This is the earliest kind of franchising. Under this, dealers had been given the proper authority to distribute items for a producer. For this right, the dealer pays a fee for the right to promote the trademarked items of the producer. Product franchising was used, possibly for the primary time, by using the Singer Corporation throughout the 1800s to distribute its sewing machines. This exercise finally have become famous within the petroleum and vehicle industries also.

2. Manufacturing Franchising:


Under this arrangement, the franchisor (manufacturer) gives the provider  the different rights to provide and distribute the product in a particular place. This sort of franchising is generally used inside the tender-drink industry.

3. Business-format Franchising:

This is the latest kind of franchising and is the most famous one at present. This is the sort that most of the people nowadays suggest when they use the term franchising. In america, this form debts for almost three-fourths of all franchised shops.

Business-layout franchising is an association underneath which the franchisor offers a wide variety of services to the franchisee, along with advertising and marketing, advertising, strategic plans, schooling, manufacturing of operations manuals and requirements and high-quality – management guidance.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) of America has described enterprise layout franchising as follows:


“A franchise operation is a contractual relationship among the franchisor and franchisee in which the franchisor offers or is obligated to maintain a continuing interest within the business of the franchisee in such areas as know how and education; in which the franchisee operates under a not unusual trade name, format and or method owned or controlled by the franchisor, and wherein the franchisee has or will make a giant capital funding in his commercial enterprise from his very own sources (Mendelsohn 1979).”

Some authors have labeled franchising into yet other three sorts as follows:

1. Trade-name Franchising

2. Product Distribution Franchising

3. Pure Franchising

A brief description approximately every of those follows:

1. Trade-call Franchising:

When franchisee purchases the right to use the franchisor’s exchange call without absolutely dispensing the specific alternate mark merchandise solely using the call of the franchisor, that is known as ‘change-name franchising.’

2. Product Distribution Franchising:

Such franchising involves a gadget in which a franchisor gives license to the franchisee to sell the precise products beneath the trademark and emblem call of the franchisor. This type of franchising is commonly used to marketplace motors (which include Chevrolet), tender-drinks (along with Coca-Cola) and home equipment. It is worth citing that those  sorts of franchising supply franchisees some type of franchisor’s identity.

3. Pure Franchising:


When franchisor sells the whole commercial enterprise layout and system of his/her product to the franchisee, it is called ‘natural franchising.’ In different words, this type of franchising provides the franchisee with an entire enterprise format including license for a trade name, the service or product to be advertised, the physical plant, methods of operation, an advertising method plan, a fine management method or strategy . Such type of franchising is not unusual amongst fast-meals restaurants inns, educational institutions, and plenty of others.

Franchising is an antique concept in use for a long term within the business global. Some hint out of the records of franchising courting lower back to the mid-19th century whilst Isaac Singer determined to improve the distribution of his stitching machines, i.E., ‘Singer.’ Nowadays, franchising has grown to be a commonplace enterprise format mainly within the groups with an amazing song file of profitability and agencies which might be easily duplicated.


Franchising arrangement is a symbiotic one for the franchisor and the franchisee, despite the fact that franchising is specifically useful for the franchisee.

Following are, as an instance, the awesome blessings that franchising provides to the franchisee:

(i) Franchising makes the project of having began less difficult because the franchisee receives a commercial enterprise layout- already market tested and determined to paintings. Hence, shopping for a franchise is to this point more secure than trying to begin a commercial enterprise.

(ii) It reduces possibilities for failure. Here, what is significant to say is that fewer than 10 percent of all franchises fail. In dramatic evaluation with the truth that two out of every 5 marketers who begin on their own fail inside 3 years, and eight out of every ten fail within ten years.

(iii) A nicely-mounted franchise brings with it the very important benefit of recognition. Many new organizations revel in lean months, or years, after begin-up. Obviously, the longer the length the commercial enterprise have to experience it, the extra the probabilities of failure. With the nicely-examined franchise, this era of affliction might also lessen to most effective weeks, or possibly simply days.

(iv) Franchising may also increase the franchisee’s purchasing energy also. Because, being part of a huge and that too proprietor corporation approach paying less for a spread of things inclusive of resources gadget, inventory, services, coverage, and so on. It can also mean getting better carrier from suppliers due to the importance of the business enterprise (franchiser) of you (franchisee) is a part.

(v) One gets the benefit of the franchisor’s research and development in enhancing the product.

(vi) The franchisee has the included or privileged rights to franchise inside a given region.

(vii) As in comparison with other styles of new enterprise, the potentialities of obtaining loan facilities from banks and financial establishments in case of franchising also are stepped forward.


In-spite of the above blessings, franchising isn't an unmixed blessing. There are some disadvantages as well associated with a franchise association.

The foremost ones are indexed as follows:

(i) Unlike marketers who begin their personal business, the franchisees find no room or scope for playing their creativity, specifically inside the case of ‘natural franchising.’ They should work as according to the commercial enterprise-layout given by using the franchisor. One traditional instance of regimentation in franchising may be determined within the McDonald’s restaurant enterprise-format.


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